“Proceedings book can be downloaded for free in open access format from: https://www.mrforum.com/product/icsam2023/

It is our pleasure to host the 14th International Conference on Superplasticity in Advanced Materials, ICSAM 2023, to be held on July 10-12th, 2023 in Barcelona, Spain.

ICSAM was established as a platform for academic researchers and industrial engineers in the field of superplasticity.

The first ICSAM was held in San Diego in 1982. Since then, thirteen conferences were held in every three years in Grenoble (1985), Blaine (1988), Osaka (1991), Moscow (1994), Bangalore (1997), Orlando (2000), Oxford (2003), Chengdu (2006), Seattle (2009), Albi (2012), Tokyo (2015) and Saint Petersburg (2018), attaching many researchers from all over the world. ICSAM2023 is the 14th international conference series on Superplasticity series, wihich is built upon the proven concept and continues the tradition of its predecessors. 

ICSAM2023 will provide a platform for presential discussion on the production of materials with submicrometer and nanoscale grains, including all aspects of their mechanical behavior, not only the superplasticity of materials. The overall aim of ICSAM2023 is to maintain and consolidate the existing knowledge of superplasticity mechanical properties of materials and identify future work necesary to the current development in the research of advanced materials with fine and ultra-fine grained structure, their superplastic and other properties, and eventual commercial application.

In practice, the topics of the conference are not only paying attention to the demostration of superplastic phenomenon and the implementation of superplastic forming techniques into commercial use, but also these include the examinations of various different aspects of materials exhibiting superplastic phenomenon and creep properties at a range of temperatures, and the novel instrumentation for examining such properties. You can see the list of the covered topics at https://www.icsam2023.net/topics/.

We do think that the spirit of the previous ICSAM conferences will be continued successfully, especially now that the pandemic situation is becoming to be relieved. The present ICSAM is organized by the Metallic Materials Processing group (PROCOMAME) in the Besós-EEBE campus at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain.

It will be our pleasure that all participants obtain fruitful results through their presentation, discussion and information exchange, and enjoy a social program as well as sightseeing tours before and after the conference. Barcelona, Mediterranean capital of Spain, will also provide a variety of choices for social activities.

The current pandemic situation has convinced the organizers and ICSAM International Advisory Board that the meeting can be held in a presential way, as we all used to and wish, in order to facilitate the professional exchange of ideas and future proposals. Spanish borders are almost open to any countries, although justification of vaccination or negative PCR test can be required and the pandemic situation is weekly changing, at present. Please regularly check the Spanish entrance requirements in:


Another web page that usually provides updated information for travel restrictions can be found in:


Do not hesitate in contacting the organization in case you have any doubt

Jose-Maria Cabrera
Chairman of ICSAM 2023
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain


“P.S. : In the undesired and unlikely event that the conference must be cancelled because of Spanish Health regulations derived from the pandemic COVID situation, the conference registration fees will be reimbursed, once are deducted the possible expenses the conference organization have incurred. Penalty fees for both travelling or hotel booking cancellation will not be assumed by the conference organization”