Superplastic materials and mechanisms of superplasticity

  • Superplasticity in Metals and Alloys, Ceramics and Intermetallics
  • Superplasticity in Novel Materials: Bulk Metallic Glasses, TRIP/TWIP steels, High-Entropy Alloys and Metallic Heterostructures
  • High Strain Rate / Low Temperature Superplasticity
  • Mechanisms of Grain Boundary Sliding
  • Microstructural Evolution during Superplastic Deformation
  • Cavitation and Fracture

Superplasticity-relating processing and phenomena

  • Innovative Processing
  • Die Materials and Technologies
  • Sintering Phenomena and Mechanisms
  • Sinter-Forging

Grain refinement by Severe Plastic Deformation

  • Severe Plastic Deformation Techniques
  • Friction Stir Processing
  • Thermomechanical Processing
  • Other Grain Refinement Technologies
  • Mechanisms of Grain Refinement

Mechanical and functional properties of ultrafine-grained materials

  • Static mechanical properties
  • Low- and High Cycle Fatigue
  • Fracture Toughness and Creep Resistance
  • Strengthening Mechanisms
  • Functional properties (wear and corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, etc.)

Design, testing and modeling

  • Numerical Simulations and Modeling
  • Integrated Structure Design
  • Design using SPF/DB
  • Modeling of Material Behavior and Microstructure
  • Evaluation and Its Standartization

Industrial applications

  • Superplastic Forming
  • Diffusion Bounding
  • Manufacturing Technologies
  • Other Industrial Applications